IGSR CB2 Water Soluble Powder

Institute for Green Science Research

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IGSR CB2 Water Soluble Powder

Our CB2 water soluble product is a pharmaceutical formulation created in-house at our IGSR labs. This pure 100% CBD isolate is enhanced with a Nitro component for quick hydration and recovery. This is not your ordinary isolate.

Although it is 100% THC free, the CBD content works synergistically with the Nitro components to magnify the strength of the overall product. In effect, we've created a complex isolate/distillate with all of the benefits of nitric oxide. The intent was to offset the disadvantages of stand-alone CBD isolate with a pharmaceutical compound that mimics the benefits of CBD whole plant.

$75.00 per gram

.0075¢ per mg or $7500.00 per Kilogram. Call for pricing 805.748.0577.